Gospel Communication Application of CQ & Outline of God’s Story Paper

Gospel Communication Application of CQ & Outline of God’s Story Paper Instructions

This paper is the second section of an ongoing project throughout this course. In this paper, you will build on what you learned about your friend’s culture in your Gospel Communication Elements of Culture Paper. You will synthesize the information and apply the four CQ Capabilities to prepare for your interaction where you will share the story of God with your friend. Finally, you will outline your Gospel Presentation.

You will write a formal academic paper. Your paper should be neatly formatted and organized, and it should include a cover page, page numbers, footnote citations, proper headings and subheadings, and a bibliography. It should be double spaced and in Times New Roman, 12- pt font. You should cite all of your sources through in-text citations or footnotes and include a bibliography or works cited page of all of your sources at the end of your paper. You may use any academic writing style you choose (APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, etc).

Application of CQ


In this section, you will use the 4 CQ capabilities to think through the best way to interact with your friend and share God’s story with them.


  • CQ Drive: What is motivating you to effectively share God’s story with your friend?
  • CQ Knowledge: Discuss how you will use your knowledge of your friend’s cultural value orientations, cultural systems, and elements of communication to share the gospel effectively with your friend. (Which of their cultural value orientations should you keep in mind as you try to communicate with them?) 
  • CQ Strategy: Discuss how you will craft your story to meet your friend where they are. (Are there any themes or threads found throughout the Grand Narrative that you may use to focus your presentation which would most speak to your friend according to their culture and worldview? What part of the Grand Narrative do you think they will relate to most based on what you know about their cultural systems and cultural value orientations?)
  • CQ Action: How might you need to adjust your communication, your approach to the conversation, and your language or tone in order to best communicate the gospel message?


Outline of God’s Story

Prepare to share the Gospel by outlining the Story of God you would share. As we have discussed the Grand Narrative of scripture, we have covered many different topics and stories from the Bible, but there are several key elements which must be included in your story. Here is a list of what should be included in your story (these elements have been organized according to the outline of the story in God’s Big Picture by Vaughan Roberts.

  • The Pattern of the Kingdom:
    • Creation
  • The Perished Kingdom:
    • Fall/ Sin
  • The Promised Kingdom:
    • Covenant with Abraham
    • Covenant with David
  • The Partial Kingdom:
    • Israel
  • The Prophesied Kingdom:
    • The message of the Prophets
  • The Present Kingdom
    • Virgin Birth
    • Incarnation and Deity (fully God-fully man)
    • Jesus’ Life (person and ministry)
    • Jesus’ Death
    • Resurrection
  • The Proclaimed Kingdom:
    • The Holy Spirit
    • The Church
  • The Perfected Kingdom
    • Christ’s Return
    • Our Response to the Gospel
    • Restoration

This section should be a bulleted list of each of the elements above. For each element, you should write 2-4 sentences summarizing the element and describing how you would present that part of the story to your friend. You should also include scripture references for each element that you present. While you do not need to recite the scripture as you tell the story, we want to see that you know where in the Bible to point someone to if the opportunity were to arise. In your outline, you should list enough content to show that you know what each element is about, how it connects to the bigger picture of the grand narrative, and the best way to share the story. Also, you should keep in mind any themes or threads that you identified in your CQ Strategy section above. Make sure that those themes are included in your outline as you walk through each of the essential elements of the story. You’ll use this outline to share your story on video in Week 7.


Submit you Application of CQ and Outline of God’s Story Paper by 11:50 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.


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