GraduateRegistered Nurse:


This assessment is composed of 3 posts. You are required to answer all three posts. Each answer has a word limit of 300 words(+/-10%)(total = 900 words).

Discussion forum posts addressing the transition from student to GraduateRegistered Nurse:

Post 1. Identify one (1) issue you expect to experience in your transition from student to graduate nurse. Using evidence-based literature, construct two (2) strategies which you could implement to address the identified issue(LO3 & LO4).

Post 2. Outline 2 of the key differences between your current role as student nurse and your future role as Graduate RN. Support your discussion with evidence-based literature(LO1 & LO2).

Post 3. Access current research publications from CINAHL and critically reflect on the potential of social media to transform your future practice as a professional practitioner(LO5 & LO6).

please see the unit outline for detail of assignment 1


Instruction Files

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