HA 140 Final Exam Review

HA 140        Final Exam Review   




  1. Acquired deformity of the coccyx  _____________________


  1. Shoulder region tendon contractions _____________________


  1. Another obstructed dialysis catheter device within the peritoneum _________________


  1. Muscle cramp as a direct result of being immersed into a pool _________________


  1. Open first-time nondisplaced fracture of the fourth cervical vertebra _________________


  1. Aneurysm of the left carotid artery which ruptured into the brain _______________


  1. Repeated anaphylactic shock due to a properly administered drug or medication ________________


  1. Relapsed tubulo-interstitial leukemic disorder _______________


  1. Newly diagnosed specified effects of exposure to cold temperature ___________________


  1. Dual expulsive choroid excessive bleeding ___________________


  1. First-time external buccal constriction ___________________


  1. Continued specified type sickle cell disorder with crisis ______________________


  1. Painful experience as a direct result of hip joint replacement ___________________


  1. Refracture of intraarticular lower end of radius with routine healing ________________


  1. Patella disorder classified as a derangement of the left knee ___________________


  1. Deep nontraumatic compartment syndrome of the left wrist ________________


  1. Idiopathic cyst of the iris _________________


  1. Discrepancy in 30 week uterine size date ________________


  1. Ring-like ulcers in the corneas _________________


  1. Excessively short umbilical cord seen during delivery of patient’s third child  _____________


  1. Patient receives E/M service by a physician via internet _____________________


  1. Reconstruction, collateral ligament, metacarpophalangeal joint with local tissue ________________


  1. Surgical repair of rectum for prolapse of mucous membrane ____________________


  1. Surgical incision into iris by stab incision with transfixion as for iris bombe ________________


  1. Anesthesia for surgical fixation of both testes _______________________


  1. Arthroscopy of hip with labraplasty __________________


  1. Surgical repair of wounds to cheeks; 9.95cm and nostrils; 11.34cm requiring layered closure ___________


  1. Introduction of needle or intracatheter into vein ___________________


  1. Creation of artificial opening in kidney and surgical incision into kidney with drainage ______________


  1. Therapeutic spinal puncture for drainage of cerebrospinal fluid by needle ________________


  1. Radiological recording of urinary bladder, (4) views, radiological supervision/interpretation ______


  1. Complicated revision of colostomy, separate procedure ___________________


  1. Complex repair of wounds to armpit;9.95cm and forehead; 1.25cm ___________________________


  1. 4 year old patient receives first inpatient E/M critical care ___________________


  1. Excision of 4 cm lesion on conjunctiva _________________


  1. Radiologic examination of the heel bone using 4 views __________________


  1. Surgical removal of cranium with excision of tumor, for osteomyelitis __________________


  1. Complete fusion of wrist joint with sliding graft ___________________


  1. Anesthesia for diagnostic arthroscopic procedures of knee joint _____________________


  1. Adjacent tissue transfer or rearrangement of forehead defect; 14.3sq cm ___________________


  1. Resection of external cardiac tumor _______________________


  1. Slitting of prepuce, dorsal or lateral of 9 year old, separate procedure  _______________________


  1. Injection, epidural, of blood or clot patch _______________________


  1. Percutaneous needle biopsy of liver ___________________


  1. Removal of foreign body from pharynx ______________________

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