HBM and the DHIM

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Steve is a doctoral candidate at university who is interested in researching the role of

cultural beliefs and behaviors on healthcare decision making, especially from the perspective

of the individual, about their health condition. John’s sample consisted of a diverse population

of persons from Africa, Central America, Asia, and the United States. He was contemplating on

using the Health Belief Model (HBM) or the Diffusion Health Innovations Model (DHIM) as the

conceptual framework for his research. However, he is having issues aligning any of the

models with his studies. Assuming you are supervising John:

1. Explain the HBM and the DHIM to Steve and justify why any of those two models would

be appropriate for his studies.

2. Discuss what possible methodologies he would use to investigate and try to understand

the role of any of these models.

3. What ethical concerns should Steve have regarding the participation of human subjects

in a study of this nature?

4. Based on the results, Steve intends to improve the health condition of a community

comprising a diverse population demographic. Describe the challenges one would face

in improving health for a population and implement a preventative strategy.

Write a five-page paper addressing the items above with at least six peer-reviewed references

written in APA format.


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