HCA402—Module #3: Written Assignment #3:

HCA402—Module #3: Written Assignment #3:
Please see the grading rubric in the syllabus for specific requirements. In general, topics
responses should be in the form of a short application paper, 2-3 pages in length in APA
formatting, not including the required cover page and page for your reference list used to write
about your chosen topics. In your paper: 1) introduce your topics, 2) discuss your topics, and
then 3) make a conclusion about your topics.
Pick one (1) item from each of the (3) topic areas that interest you the most. Use the topic
heading as a subtitle in your paper:
TOPIC 1: Community health and schools.
1. What are three or more advantages of having school health services with a school nurse
(RN or LPN)? Why wouldn’t schools have a nurse and what are the risks without one?
2. Provide five priority health content areas on which a school health curriculum should
focus. As a health care professional, how will you get the school administrators to
support the school health program(s)?
3. Explain what should be outlined in an effective school health curriculum and provide
three examples of what students would learn and be able to do if National Health
Education Standards are met.
TOPIC 2: Community health and maternal, infant, and early child care.
1. What does maternal, infant, and child health encompass, and how have community health
initiatives and programs made a positive impact on reducing maternal and infant
2. What does child maltreatment include and how may health, public health, and schools
help to reduce its prevalence in communities?
3. Name at least three of the strategies that are a part of the U.S. government’s Childhood
Immunization Act under the Vaccine for Children program.
TOPIC 3: Community health, adolescent and young adults.
1. Provide at least three examples of behaviors related to unintentional injuries of high
school students that are assessed as part of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
(YRBSS) and discuss what interventions have or may help reduce them.
2. Describe what types of prevention programs are needed to change the culture as it relates
to adolescents’ use of alcohol and/or recreational drug use.
3. The CDC lists six critical types of adolescent health behavior that contribute to the
leading causes of death and disability among adults and youth, which include 1) Alcohol
and drug use, 2) Injury and violence (including suicide), 3) Tobacco use, 4) Nutrition, 5)
Physical activity, 6) Sexual behaviors.

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