Term Paper Thought Worksheet for Critical Thinking

Saint Leo University

HCA 410

Term Paper Thought Worksheet


Student’s Name: ______________________________________


  1. Identify the issue/problem topic category (choose one): (5 points)
Patient safety
Medical errors
Consumer satisfaction
Team dynamics



  1. Identify the specific topic: (10 points)





  1. Identify the corresponding textbook chapter(s) for background and possible intervention(s): (5 points)





  1. In your own words, describe the issue or problem. The description should be a minimum of 3 sentences. (10 points)







  1. How does this topic/content area/change impact the following major stakeholder groups? Fill in the table below. You can copy and paste the symbols [☺ K L  Ý  Þ ]. (30 points)
Stakeholder Group Overall Perspective Impact on _____ from the specific stakeholder perspective
Cost Quality Access
Example: Ý Ý Þ
Providers: Hospitals        
Providers: Physicians        
Consumers: Employers        
Consumers: Patients        
Third Party Payers (Insurers)        





  1. From the table above, what is the healthcare industry perspective on this topic/content area/change or issue? Look at the topic from a Cost, Quality, and Access point of view and then summarize the overall industry perspective, using each point of view, in 2-3 sentences below. (20 points)
Point of View Summary


  1. List at least three sources of information for this topic that you read or reviewed to make your decisions in the table. List them below using the examples provided. You should list your text book as appropriate. Listing more quality sources is better, but limit to a maximum of five sources. (10 points)
  Source: Citation: Reference:
Example: www.census.gov; or textbook Census Bureau; or Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care Accessed and retrieved Census data on March 1, 2014; or page 16, Table 3 in textbook



  1. Discuss two solutions you would propose for the issue/problem you selected. (10 points)



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