health care industry

Respond to peer

Must be a substantive response and further the conversation.

APA format

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1 reference minimum

Melinda Brand

6:49 PM

Human Resources system is very important in the health care industry because not only are they in charge of recruiting they also help establish a strategy for the health care organization for the long term. Human Resources help with certain training’s. An example of what someone in a human resources position would do would be to hire and find qualifies doctors, nurses, and other employees to fit into the organization that has the same mission and vision for the organization. Human Resources officers are also in charge of finding the best benefits for the organization, from insurance down to college reimbursement for employees of certain levels. Signing bonus, relocation support, employer funded loans, and stipends for new doctors all stem from the human resources department. Being in human resources you are a vital part of the organization just like the doctors, nurses, and other positions within the organization. HR is also in charge of regulations and a critical line of defense against law violations. They review regulations and polices to help make sure your organization is ran smoothly.

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