Health Care Informatics and System Breaches

Health Care Informatics and System Breaches


You are the health information officer at a large hospital. You have  learned a significant information technology failure or breach has  occurred within your hospital. Using the Internet or the Strayer  University library database, identify other health care organizations or  health care providers that have recently had a significant information  technology failure or breach. Write a report to your staff, notifying  them of the failure or breach, how such failures or breaches have  affected similar organizations, and how those organizations resolved the  issue.


Write a 4–5 page report for your staff in which you:

  1. Outline four key factors contributing to the other organizations’ HIMS failures or breaches.
  2. Analyze three ways the HIMS failures impacted the organizations’  operations and patient information protection, privacy, or personal  safety.
  3. Diagnose the leadership teams’ reactions to the failures. Analyze  whether the leadership teams took sufficient measures to address various  stakeholder groups impacted. Next, consider whether the other  organizations had sufficient resources in place to prevent these  occurrences. If not, identify where most of the failures occurred.
  4. Suggest three outcomes for the facility and state and explain whether you agree with the overall verdict or violation.
  5. Recommend at least three best practices your hospital can adopt to  avoid such HIMS failures or breaches in the future. Provide support for  these recommendations.
  6. Explain one current government requirement requiring all health  care organizations to ensure health care and patient information is  secure and information breaches and technology failures are minimized.
  7. At a minimum, provide these headings within your report: summary statement, background information, and recommendations.
  8. Go to Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library  to find four recent (within the last five years) quality academic  resources for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not  qualify as quality academic resources.

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