Health Informatics Research topics

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Assignment: Course Project – Research Question and Hypothesis

Develop a research question and hypothesis around a health informatics topic from your reading or group discussion. Be sure your question shows clarity and be sure to clearly define the extent of the problem you intend to research. An example of a question is: Will patients who receive daily feedback from their provider lose more weight than patients who only see their doctor monthly? Include a hypothesis related to your question that you will either prove or negate during your project. Also include what type of hypothesis you have defined (one-tailed, two-tailed, null). Here’s an example of a hypothesis: Patients who receive text alerts from their providers daily will lose 15% more weight than patients who do not (one-tailed). Identify at least three resources you will use for researching your question and hypothesis and list them in APA format. Provide an annotation for each resource, to demonstrate how and why the resource is being used. Use the list of resources outlined in Module 2 “Sources for Research Topics” as a starting point. At least two of your resources should be from this list.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates. Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

Please select one topic with the best and easiest to find information on, due to this is a project. The information will have to be linked to a step or series from this week to week 9 or 10. In other words it is a building project for each week. We will add to it every week until the project is finished.

For the discussion, the instructor picked number 2, due to the discussion explanation. I stated At my local hospital, we installed a patient check-in kiosk in the emergency room during the implementation of the EHR, which captured the patient’s name, date of birth, the reason for the visit, and check-in time. The patient emergency room wait time after the implementation of the EHR is another area I want to see have it improve over the years as well. I know when the system was first installed, patients were complaining of the wait time was too long. That the patients had to check in on a kiosk, and then the ER patient register would call the patient to the registration desk to finish the patient information. The older patients complained that they did not understand how to work the kiosk. They are already not feeling well. They felt like that is what the registers were getting paid to do, which is check in the patients. Now, I would love to know if their train of thought has changed or is it still the same. But, this topic might be difficult to find information on it. If so, please feel free to pick another topic.

Topic from reading:

Health Informatics Research topics

  • Use of Clinical decision-making applications to improve physician documentation
  • Impact of “point and click” software vs. free text on physician performance
  • Reliability of Computer-Assisted coding
  • Physician reaction to EHR software
  • Prevention of errors with portable medical devices
  • HIEs and state wide interoperability
  • CPOE and its impact on physician adoption
  • HIPAA compliance with the emergence of social media venues
  • Impact on patient-provider relationships after EHR implementations in private practice
  • HITECH and ARRA as it relates to technology adoption

Topic from group discussion:

  1. Impact of providers with free-text electronic health record (EHR) software vs. handwritten paper on physician performance.
  2. Patient Emergency Room wait time after the implementation of EHR.
  3. Improvement or not an Improvement in Coding with an Encoder.


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