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Healthcare Quality Management

Mod 5 Discussion ( 1-2 pages)

5-1 Discussion: Analytical Tools

Discussion Topic

Top of Form

undefinedBottom of FormundefinedIdentify two analytical tools used to process data collection. How are they processed through organizational information systems?

undefinedWhen responding to your peers, compare their analytical tools to your own. What are some of the pros and cons of the tools that your classmates selected?

Second Assignment Is Pareto Chart ( 1 chart )

5-2 Activity: Pareto Chart


The use of statistical process control tools helps address organizational performance in many industries, including Healthcare Information Management. A Pareto chart is a type of analysis tool that helps with ranking causes from most significant to least significant. For this activity, you will create a Pareto chart using the data provided. This data can also be found with the student resources of your textbook (Ross, 2014). As you complete this activity, consider whether these tools could help identify and solve your organizational problem for your final project.


While you are viewing the data, note that you will need only the information on the first tab, titled “States,” for this assignment.

Obesity Research

5-1 Discussion ( 1-2 pages)

5-1 Discussion: Critiquing Research Reports

Discussion Topic Top of Form


Bottom of Form

undefinedReview one of the suggested articles. What is the research problem being addressed? What variables have the researchers identified? What study design was used? How did the researchers collect and measure the data? Discuss the rationale for choosing the method(s). Discuss the validity and reliability of the instruments used.


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