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I’m working on a health & medical multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.


Down below I have listed all of the Research sources that have been found related to the research.
The type of research I am looking for is seeing how patients with diabetes live a different lifestyle and ways to balance a diabetics glucose levels naturally without the use of medications.
Literature gaps and significance:
What is missing from the science, such that your research question still needs an answer? Why is your research question important? How will answering your research question help everyone better understand the broader problem involved?

This step helps to answer “so what?” about your research topic. Doing this step will help you connect the dots from what interests you, what is missing in our understanding of the world, and the current literature on the topic you choose. This will also likely serve as part of your introduction for your final proposal.

1) PARAGRAPH 1: Begin with a broad problem statement, and using the funnel method to frame your research topic in the literature you’ve examined in Step 2. End with your research topic.

2) PARAGRAPH 2: Narrow down closer to your idea; begin to examine exactly what the literature says. Cite and describe example articles from your literature review.

3) PARAGRAPH 3: Narrow down into the closest subtopic(s) you can as they relate to your topic. Describe the literature there.

4) PARAGRAPH 4: Your payoff! Describe the hole in the literature (yet we still don’t understand x) and end with your research question (the purpose of my study is to y…).

EACH PARAGRAPH should have some nod or sentence explaining the significance to science, health, and/or the world of your ever-narrowing research topic and how gathering data on this topic may bring new insights to the world – the “so what”!

Length: ~500-800 words. (The paper should be ~4 good-sized paragraphs.)


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