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NU631 Week 15 Create a repsonse to the post below by Kristine Gay  using APA style and a minimum of 2 refrences.

Post by Kristine Gay Women’s health Question 1 (Health Policy)

In the AANP (2012) Health policy brief: Nurse practitioners and primary care: “advocates say changes in federal and state laws are needed to remove barriers to the provision of primary care by nurse practitioners. By contrast, some physician groups are opposed” (p. 3). What are the professional implications of this statement? What are the practice requirements in your state? Why is it important for advanced practice nurses to remain aware of and engage in health policy?

The implications of this statement is that advanced nurse practitioners can practice at a full primary care level and prescribe medications. Since 2015 twenty-one states have changed the laws and regulations that APNP’s have prescribing rights and full practice rights with extensive training and education. Seventeen states have a reduced practice standard, with twelve states having a restricted practice that the APNP has to provide care under the direct supervision of a Doctor (NCBI, 2015).

In the state of Wisconsin the practice requirements are limited. According to AANP, (2018) Limited practice is “State law requires a career-long regulated collaborative agreement with another health provider in order for the NP to provide patient care, or it limits the setting of one or more elements of NP practice” (pg,1). The NP has to meet the educational requirement and a national certification, then they are eligible for credentialing which allows them to prescribe medications. They must hold a valid RN license before they can become an ANP (Nursing Licensure, 2019).

It is important for the advanced practice nurse to remain aware of the health policy so that they are working up to their ability and training and staying up to date on their education and working under their scope of practice. Healthcare is continuously changing and the providers have to stay up to date to provide the best quality care that they can to all patients.


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