Health Promotion



To receive credit for Nursing 434: Community Health Promotion students must complete all of the required assignments and achieve an overall composite grade of 64% (C). All papers submitted must follow APA Publication Manual, 6th. edition (2010).

*Refer to the course Schedule for a systematic approach to completing study guide units and assignments.

The assignments and weighting of the composite grade are as follows:

Assignments Weighting
Assignment 1: Concept Map: Community Health Promotion – Application to Your Practice 30%
Assignment 2: Application of Epidemiology in Community Health Nursing 20%
Assignment 3: Community Assessment and Diagnoses 25%
Assignment 4: Development of a Community Health Promotion Program 25%
Total 100%

Optional Project: Finding a Study Buddy (5%)

Due Date: Negotiable, however, it is recommended that if you wish to find a Study Buddy you do so early in your course contract.


The purpose of this optional project is to provide you with an opportunity to work online with another individual or individuals currently in the course, to share knowledge, resources, and skills, motivate each other, discuss learning activities and assignments and assist each other in meeting individual learning goals and outcomes. To receive this additional 5% you will be required to create a forum post seeking a study buddy and write a brief summary of your experience in finding and working with a study buddy at the completion of the course.

Optional Project Guidelines

The study buddy approach has been found to improve learning through social interaction, motivate study and promote a deeper approach to critical inquiry and reasoning in relation to concepts. (Madland & Richards, 2016)

If you decide to participate in this optional project you may find it helpful to include information such as an honest evaluation as to your knowledge of community health promotion, preferred language, preferred time i.e., morning, afternoon, evening, night including time zone to study and discuss, and your learning goals for completing the course in your study buddy request forum post.

Yes, you can have more than one study buddy, however if you are creating a study buddy group be careful not to let the group become too large, recommended is not more than 5 people in order to be able to set study schedules and times when you will communicate.  Remember a study buddy relationship is a professional partnership, entered to share workload, meet deadlines, and engage in constructive discussion to enhance learning.

If a study buddy within the classroom is not feasible, you may choose a person outside of the classroom to collaborate with in development of knowledge, resources and skills specific to individual learning goals and outcomes.

Marking Criteria

You will receive an additional 5% toward your overall Assignment 1 grade, if you complete the following:

  1. post your request for a Study Buddy to the Finding a NURS434 Study Buddy forum (If you are not able to connect with a Study Buddy within the course you may reach outside the course to find a Study Buddy, if your Study Buddy is not a classmate please work to maintain course confidentiality in your discussions with your Study Buddy) and;
  2. submit a copy of the request with a brief 1 to 2 page summary that discusses, I found working with a study buddy to be helpful why or why not and if I could do this again I would make the following changes why or why not?
    NOTE: Submit to the Assignment 1: Dropbox at the same time you submit all the final requirements of the Assignment 1 Concept Map: Community Health Promotion – Application to Your Practice

If you are interested in reading further the full reference is:

Madland, C., & Richards, G. (2016). Enhancing student-student online interaction: Exploring the study buddy peer review activity. International review of research in open and distributed learning 17(3), 157-175. Retrieved from

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