Healthcare Issues and Trends

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Discussion: Healthcare Issues and Trends

Issues and trends that affect healthcare delivery are varied and arise from many different sources, such as the emergence of new technologies, changing patient and workforce demographics, and economic fluctuations. Federal, state, and local policies are continually instituted or amended to address new developments or priorities and to rectify problems in healthcare delivery. For instance, changes may be required to address cost containment challenges or disparities in access to healthcare services.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Identify an issue currently in the news that is associated with federal, state, or local efforts to improve healthcare delivery.
  • Research the issue in a variety of news sources, such as government sites (e.g., the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Mental Health, or the US Department of Health and Human Services) and online newspapers. Do not use blogs or other informal sources.
  • Select one article or news item on which to focus for this Discussion.
  • Reflect on the information in the article/news item and consider how it relates to your understanding of the U.S. healthcare delivery system. Review the information in the Resources and conduct additional research using the Walden University Library and credible websites to deepen your understanding of this issue.
  • Think about the social, economic, and political circumstances surrounding this issue.
  • Identify local, state, or federal legislators to contact regarding this issue. For assistance in locating legislators, visit:

Open States. (n.d.). Find your legislator. Retrieved from

Post by Day 4

Draft a letter to a local, state, or federal legislator asking for change with regards to the issue that you selected. Your letter should include:

  • A summary of the issue
  • Key points from the articles or news reports you found
  • An explanation of this issue’s importance

Your letter should be professional and concise (no more than 1-page).

Reminder: Be sure to cite your supporting documentation appropriately in correct APA format. Ensure that you include the reference for the article/news item you have selected and provide a link to it if possible.

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