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A healthcare worker needs to understand the process of how healthcare laws and policies are implemented. What are the tools being used to study proposals by legislators? A cost-benefit analysis is a method conducted to determine probable costs and benefits related to a proposed project to determine whether the benefits outweigh the costs or the costs outweigh the benefits. Then, a decision is made based on the data (Stobierski, 2019). Legislative leaders utilized the cost-benefit analysis to assess whether to continue, modify or terminate policies.

In March 2010, during the Obama administration, healthcare reform was passed called Affordable care act (ACA), most commonly known as the Obamacare (Healthcare, n.d.). In 2017, legislators attempted to repeal and replace the Affordable care act (ACA) to the American health care act (Aafp foundation, 2020). According to the National Council for social studies (n.d.), legislators continuously review and study laws and policies. Their decision-making process affects by three different influences. First, to make a good policy, they want to be a part of a good government. Second, they have a passion for the issues they use their values and beliefs. Third, they base their decision on how they can remain in the office and the intention to get re-elected. Policymakers are more concerned about how the changes will affect their own re-election chances than how the changes will impact the citizens (Milstead & Short, 2019). Overall, legislators will continue to attempt to repeal or replace any policies to gain their interests for re-election, which disregards the citizens who will gain or suffer from the change.

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