Heart Murmurs

Reference Garzon Maaks, D.L., Barber Starr, N., Brady, M.A., Gaylord, N.M., Driessnack, M., & Duderstadt,  K. (2021). Burns’ pediatric primary care (7th ed.). Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0323581967


As a FNP you will get the opportunity to diagnose heart murmurs. This usually causes panic in parents, so you need to understand what you are hearing. Describe a situation in which you diagnose a heart murmur on a pediatric patient. Include grade/intensity, timing in cardiac cycle, location on the chest where murmur is the loudest, radiations or transmission, quality, duration and pitch. Use Box 38.2 (Auscultatory Findings–Innocent versus Pathologic Murmur) and Table 38.5(Common Innocent Murmurs) from your Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care textbook. Name the murmur and follow-up recommendations.

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