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In this week’s discussion, we were to choose a study from this week’s reading. The study I chose was the Asthma and Demolition in Chicago Public Housing. Asthma is a very prevalent health issue here in America and is important we try to lower the amount and causes. According to Dorevitch, asthma prevalence rates have increased over recent decades nationally. The main goal of this study was to test how the residents have been developing asthma due to the surrounding pollution and construction.

The disease focused on was asthma and the target audience was the residents of urban areas in Chicago. The overall outputs and outcomes were that 42 participants were involved with the study over the three sites and the 100 people that participated in the meetings about asthma and pollution. The outcome was that the residents became more educated and informed on what was going on around them and eventually decided to become more involved in learning more about asthma and air pollution and as well as the test being done.

Some next steps that I believe should continue for this social justice campaign would be to get bigger people involved to not only see the air pollutants there but also throughout the other states. Also to take the project and study it in a bigger area to help build numbers and a case to help bring more awareness for asthma. This could then in turn help change pollution and show that it does impact us and our health.

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The profile I chose was Hazardous Materials Worker Health and Safety Training: CPWR. The NIEHS-funded training helped to reduce disproportioned exposures and health impacts resulting from occupational hazards related to the work they do. The training is addressed to the workers represented by the 11 building and construction trades unions that comprise the center’s Hazard Waste Worker Training, and the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) weapons complex program construction consortium. The output from this study provided 500 trainings consisted of verbal, written, physical, and even hands-on learning to help students retain the information that they had just learn. MWTP Basic Life Skills Curriculum helped improved students’ academic and life skills to prepare them for future employment. CPWR organized focus groups for all stakeholders, and also had bi-monthly conference calls to share any information on what areas of training needed improvement. The outcomes from this study provided thousands of students that were trained and certified through CPWR’s training courses. 50-75 students have trained annually, and the health and safety benefits extended beyond them getting trained. Investigators could possibly extend their training to others who aren’t necessarily in the construction trades union. They could recruit a lot more students from other job fields.


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. (July 2015). Advancing Environmental Justice. Retrieved from https://www.niehs.nih.gov/research/supported/translational/justice/index.cfm


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