High School Systems Support Program

High School Systems Support Program (Parent/Teacher Presentation)


The student will create a PowerPoint that orients parents/teachers to a comprehensive school counseling program and demonstrates how a data-supported transition program fits within the framework of a comprehensive school counseling program (ASCA Model) and aids in closing specific achievement gaps (e.g., poor attendance, high drop-out rates, high suspensions/discipline rates), as identified by researching and analyzing school report cards.


Once a gap is identified and selected, students research a number of high school transition programs in order to learn which programs may mediate the gap selected from a specific school report card. When located, students will examine how the transition program was able to mediate the identified gap, promoting the transition program’s use to mediate the identified gap in the PowerPoint presentation. For example, do successful transition programs enhance student attendance? Reduce drop-out rates? Improves academic achievement? How? The student must identify two outcome and two perception data sources to measure the effectiveness of the program.


Students will include lecture notes in each slide (please seek assistance from the university technology department/writing center or use an online tutorial if you do not know how to add presentation notes to your PowerPoint slides). There is no specific number of slides required. Citations and references are used where appropriate and are in current APA format. Cover all rubric components sufficiently.


Presentations should be submitted in Blackboard by Sunday, 11:59 pm (ET) of Module/Week 3


***Please see the rubric for specific details on what should be included in the presentation.



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