Hindu Teachings and Lifestyles

“Hindu Teachings and Lifestyles”  Please respond to the following in at least 250 words and include any sources you use:

1) In what ways do dharma and the yogas simplify an understanding of the complexity of Hinduism? Why would a guru be necessary to help you understand these two systems?

2) Choose one of the following major themes in Hinduism that you think would be most useful or applicable in your own life: karma, moksha, samsara, Brahman, or yoga. Describe or define the theme as it is found in Hinduism. How does it apply to your life or how is it useful for you?

In each discussion, you should also respond to at least one of your peers’ posts. Your peer responses should comment on the content of what your peer has written and should include your own knowledge or thoughts on the topic. Aim for 5-6 sentences in each peer response.

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