historical moment

I choose the artist-Diego Rivera. Write about the his work, his influence and how the events in her life influenced her work.  Analysis of his work, his influence, etc. are okay.

Research Paper

Explore the work of one artist or group of artists to describe how their work made an impact in Latin America. What did they contribute? How were they influenced by the historical moment? How did their work reflect the society they lived in? How were their aesthetic choices influenced by their surroundings?

You can write about any topic you can relate to the material in this class. You can write about artists in the visual arts, music, film, theater, dance, performance art, or any other art movement that you can relate to the topics in this class.  Previous topics have ranged to Chicano muralism, the analysis of feminist themes in Frida Kahlo’s work, to Banksy, Guayasamin, to Bad Bunny.

Five-page minimum MLA format, double spaced with additional bibliography. Please use at least two text sources. NO WIKIPEDIA, no cutting, and pasting from the internet.

More about Diego Rivera:  http://art-for-a-change.com/blog/2011/12/diego-rivera-the-making-of-a-fresco.html

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