Alternate Lab Assignment

Alternate Lab Assignment
If you do not have your Criminalistics Kit or anticipate that your kit will not
arrive in time for Labs 1 and 2 (Module 3) you may complete this alternate
assignment. You do not need advance approval.
Write a 500-750 word paper discussing the technique that you would be using in each
of the labs. You will have a total of two papers in Modules 3 and 4. There will be one
paper for Module 6. This should be in proper APA format with references.
You should discuss the following:
1. What the technique is, how it works, and the component of latent print residue it
reacts with or targets.
2. Describe how you would conduct the technique
3. Discuss the type of evidence that is best processed with the technique
4. Discuss safety issues associated with the technique and the type of safety
equipment that would be used.
Submit each paper to the designated Lab Drop Box. You should post your paper to the
designated lab discussion board for your classmates to read & respond to.

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