How to organize a literature review

How to organize a literature review

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In Baglione, Ch. 4: Addressing the Scholarly Debate: The Literature Review, there are several ways of organizing literature review that are introduced. Please read the chapter and then evaluate and comment on the literature review part of of article 1 (Links to an external site.) and article 2 (Links to an external site.). Compare and contrast the literature review part of these two empirical studies. First, explain how these two articles organize their lit review using what methods that described by the textbook. Second, explain the advantages and disadvantages of using different ways (referring to the two articles) of organizing literature. Lastly, relate back to the research topic you proposed and discuss if there’s a better way and structure you can use to organize literature for your topic.

I know you guys are good writers! Try to limit your post to 600 words. 

Note, the discussion board will be closed by next Monday (September 13). Your comments on others need to be submitted by then

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