HR Application 1

SLUHE, Inc. is a medium-sized medical equipment company with about 1,000 employees distributed between sales, marketing, customer service, operations, product development, and administrative support (e.g., HR, accounting, etc.).

Congratulations on your recent hiring as the full time VP of Talent Development!


The CEO has just sent you the following email:

FROM: Smith, Lynn, CEO, SLUHE, Inc.

TO: You, VP of Talent Development, SLUHE, Inc.

RE: All-hands broadcast email



By Thursday, please send out an email to the whole company about the following new initiatives:

1) Most of our training and development needs were covered by 3rd party contractors in the past.  Now that you are part of the team, it is time to bring training back in-house! 

2) We’re about 2 months away from rolling out a new inventory system, including software and processes.  I’ll need you to get people up to speed on this right away.

3) You should certainly introduce yourself to get off on the right foot – as much as I’d like us all to be happy campers, there might still be some bad feeling about hiring outside the company for a VP position.  

Thanks!  Let me know if you have questions or concerns!


Your deliverables for this assignment:

  1. Create a response to email to your CEO
  2. Create a broadcast email to send on to the whole company
  3. Use the questions below to elaborate on the emails you created and explain your choices
  • What questions or concerns did you include (or choose not to include) in your reply to your CEO?  Why?
  • What recommendations did you provide about bringing the training function back into the company?  For example, should training & development functions be centralized (to HR or to the training team) or decentralized (to department managers, functions, or locations)?  Why?  Should some training initiatives remain contracted outside the company?  Why or why not?
  • What information is appropriate to include in the “all-hands” email? What information shouldn’t be included?  Why?
  • What challenges would you anticipate in taking on this new position as VP of Talent Development?  Why?

Expect to take 3-4 pages (12 pt. font, double-spaced) to complete this assignment.  Cite sources in APA format if necessary.

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