HR Application 2

FROM: Smith, Lynn, CEO, SLUHE, Inc.
TO: You, VP of Talent Development, SLUHE, Inc.
RE: Training for the new inventory system

We need to get moving on the preliminary steps to get all of SLUHE trained on the new inventory system.  When we talked yesterday, you said something about a needs analysis being the first step?  Can you write up a summary report for senior leadership that briefly explains what that is, what needs to be done, who will be involved, and what a realistic timeframe for completion will be?

Thanks! Let me know if you have questions or concerns!



Your deliverables for this assignment:
Create a 2-3 page summary report that addresses the following:

  • Briefly explain training needs assessment (TNA)
  • Detail your proposed plan for conducting
    • Organizational Analysis
    • Task/Operational Analysis
    • Person Analysis

Use the questions below to help formulate your report and explain your choices.

You can also refer to the organizational chart provided in the link below or on the next page.

  • How can you best explain what TNA is and why it is important to the decisionmakers in the company?
  • Who will you need to involve and what kinds of questions do you need answered to to better understand all parts of the organization’s attitude and support towards training?
  • What will you need to do to understand what tasks and/or KSAs need to be trained?  Who will be involved?
  • How will you determine which employees should be trained, what amount of training they need, and how they learn best?
  • Realistically, how long will all this take?

SLUHE Inc Org Chart.jpg

Expect to take 2-3 pages of body (12 pt. font, double-spaced) to complete this assignment. Cite sources in APA format if necessary.

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