HR Application 4

Now that the new inventory system training is coming to an end, it is time for training evaluation! (Of course you’ve been thinking about this the whole time, which is why you carefully completed TNA, created learning objectives, and implemented training over the past few weeks).


Create a narrative report to present your plan for evaluation of the inventory system training.  Focus on what actions and initiatives you would recommend to evaluate training, and incorporate all 4 levels of Kirkpatrick’s model:

Reaction / Learning / Behavior / Results or ROI

Be sure to elaborate on details such as who, what, where and when employees will be evaluated.  Include examples questions from Reaction and Learning evaluation tools such as surveys or tests (create your own or be sure to cite your source!).  It may be helpful to refer back to the learning objectives from previous assignments.

Expect to take 2-3 pages (double-spaced 12 point font) for your plan.

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