When the World Wide Web was new, and HTML was in its earliest stages, developing a Website was relatively straightforward. Some of the biggest concerns were the sizes of desktop monitors (15” vs. 17”) and the quality of the graphics card (part of why Web Safe Colors were so important back then.) Ever since Apple released the iPhone in 2007, the way we access the Web has changed. In today’s world we must wonder if our sites will be viewed on a desktop, a tablet, or a Smartphone. It is now a much trickier job to create sites that are scalable and responsive to any device.

Thinking about your own project, discuss the following ways you could approach developing your site for multiple devices:

  • Fixed or fluid layout
  • How you would test for various devices
  • Would your site benefit from two different sites? (one for desktop and another for mobile access)

Share your .css rules for your site to support your responses.

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