Human Genome Project

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One of the most exciting scientific accomplishments of this century is Human Genome Project which is the cataloging of human genes. This will lead to great understanding of the human body and advance medical science. One of the most important findings is that while human beings differ in outward appearance, the genetic structure of all human beings is 99.9% identical. These researchers agree that there is only one race, the human race.

However, we continue to struggle with the concept of appreciating diversity, and discrimination and prejudice still exist in many forms. For example, you may have been discriminated against because of your ethnic group, religion, height, weight, gender, disability, or even academic skills. For this discussion, give an example of a circumstance where you have experienced or witnessed discrimination. Any ideas on how to reduce discrimination?

At Cuyamaca College, we have many Chaldean students who are Christians and have emigrated from Iraq to avoid religious persecution. Since the attacks of 9-11, this group has faced discrimination at our college and in our community. Whenever there is anything about terrorism in the news, many students who are from the Middle East suffer discrimination even though they have nothing to do with terrorism. Any comments on this?

In the current pandemic, we are witnessing extra-ordinary violence and racism with black and brown communities being hit the hardest with COVID-19, social injustice with Black Lives Matter and violence and destruction within our communities. Have you or anyone you know been affected? Any comments?

Write at least 100 words on any of the topics above. Remember to read other students’ comments and reply to at least two of them to receive full credit.

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