Human Resources

Using the answers of 21-25, write out your step process of how to solve the issue/problem (please be brief).   For whichever process you decide to use, write a short sentence explaining each step.

You have been employed at a new company for about six months.  A co-worker, David, has been repeatedly harassing you.  You finally decide you’ve had enough and decide to file a complaint with Human Resources.  You meet with the HR Director, Monica.  During your meeting, she never takes any notes as you speak.  She keeps checking her phone and also her Facebook on her laptop.  You notice that she is doodling on her notepad.  At the end of the conversation, you wonder if she really understand your concern at all.

Using 5 Generating Alternatives, briefly share how each of these techniques can be used in order to solve the problem/issue.

You are a part of a team that is preparing a presentation for a major conference.  The final meeting on the presentation is this morning at 9 a.m.  There are four participants: Mia, Julio, James and yourself.  You arrive in the meeting room at 8:55 and James is there.  Julio arrives at 9:02.  You continue to wait for Mia to arrive so you can begin.  No one has heard from her.  You are getting irritated and feeling anxious.  At 9:10 you can feel your muscles tightening and breathing increasing.  James and Julio are visibly angry and talking about how stressed they are.  You NEED to get this done today.  At 9:20, all of you are fidgeting and decide to begin.  At 9:23, Mia arrives with no apology or explanation


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