1. What is Hypovolemia:

2. What is Hypervolemia:

3. What is osmosis:

4. What is Diffusion:

5. What is Active Transport:

6. What is filtration:

7. What is Hydrostatic Pressure:

8. What is albumin: What is the Role of the Kidney in regulation Fluid:

9. What is a Nephron and what are the parts of the nephron

10how does the kidney regulate water

11. What is an Antidiuretic hormone

12. What is the Renin and Angiotensin System

13 What stimulates Renin in the Systems :

14. Atrial natriWhat is aldosterone and how does this hormone work:

15 What is Atrial Natriuretic Peptide (ANP), where is it released, what purpose does it serve, what causes the release

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