I work in a restaurant/bar

Please note that at the moment, I work in a restaurant/bar

Assignment Instructions

Complete a Gemba Walk in your place of employment and document your observations. Refer to the SWOT analysis you conducted in Week Three to select the areas in need of improvement and narrow the list of places to conduct your Gemba Walk. While completing your walk, look for ways to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, improve a product, or streamline a process.

Write a 2- to 3-page report on your observations of your Gemba. Include the following in your report:

  • Include a summary of the organization (e.g., products or services, mission and vision)
  • Provide context (where did you focus your Gemba on and why?)
  • Gemba observations
  • What was the goal of your Gemba?
  • Where did you go?
  • What did you observe?
  • Who did you observe?
  • Give a preliminary analysis of your observations.
  • List key takeaways.
  • List three short-term opportunities and one long-term opportunity to eliminate inefficiencies, reduce waste, improve a product, or streamline a process.

Cite any references that support your Gemba (e.g., trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, or other sources of similar quality).

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Week 3 Analysis

After conducting a preliminary walk within the restaurant’s various sectors and its environs, I paid vivid attention to all the aspects that I need to consider—helpful and harmful. I then probed to review the business structure, management system, environmental management standards, and occupational health and safety management (Management Systems, n.d.).


The probe helped me to understand the gaps in our business. As a result, it stimulated me to conduct a SWOT analysis to come up with solutions and implementation procedures.


Without continually conducting a probe, a business can plunge into serious problems.

Objectives for the SWOT Analysis

  • To check the hopes for product development, productivity, and sales CITATION Pie16 \l 1033  (Veyrat, 2016).
  • To realize our competitive advantages.
  • To organize the company for setbacks.
  • To allow for the development of emergency arrangements.



  • We offer high-quality foods that are mostly homemade.
  • We have reasonable prices that are affordable and pocket-friendly.
  • We have a good employer who listens to and interacts with employees very well.


  • A small kitchen that needs to be expanded.
  • We have only three cooks who work against each other.
  • We are a small restaurant that is located in one place.
  • We are not currently embracing technology for food delivery.
  • We have a limited reach with the single location, mostly the locals CITATION Dan20 \l 1033  (Shewan, 2020).



  • Creating a breakfast business with a breakfast menu as well as served breakfast.
  • Promote teamwork among the cooks.
  • Expanding the kitchen to accommodate more production.
  • Increasing demand for homemade food products.
  • Potential growth through food delivery technology.


  • Little business resulting from the uncertain economic environment due to the pandemic.
  • Stiff competition from well-established restaurant businesses.
  • Few customers due to the pandemic hinder the expansion of the kitchen.
  • Increasing costs of ingredients.

Items that should be prioritized

  • Quality of the food. The quality should be maintained and improved to maintain the customers and attract more.
  • Maintain our prices at reasonable levels to not scare our customers away.
  • Enhance the communication flow between the employer and employees to enable the smooth running of the business.
  • Implement teamwork among the cooks.
  • The size of the kitchen should be increased to allow for more production.
  • Create the breakfast business to attract morning customers.
  • Implement food delivery technology to counter the stiff competition and the unfavorable environment due to the pandemic.


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