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Choose ONE of the following prompts and respond to it with a short paper of 500-700 words (approximately 2-3 pages). All papers should be typed and double-spaced. 1) The popularity of Thomas Kinkade’s mass-produced art works attests to an aesthetic and values that appeal to many Americans. Using at least one of Kinkade’s images, discuss how your chosen image(s) embodies specific ideologies and what those ideologies might be. 2) The film Modern Times is often characterized as slapstick comedy, but it can also be viewed as a commentary on life in modern, industrialized society. Explain what you think this commentary is, using specific examples from the film and concepts from lectures to support your points. 3) Explain Jack Zipes’s theory of fairy tales and memes. Discuss some of the reasons he believes The Frog Prince fairy tale to be an enduring meme and a flexible text. Using examples from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, elaborate on some of the ways in which it has adapted The Frog Prince fairy tale to contemporary culture.

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