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.What is your impression regarding this scenario? What are some concerns you have with this case? What do you anticipate would happen? How would you handle all the family members and friends wanting to be included in the discussion? There is not right or wrong answer. But remember you need a professional journal to support the discussion.

My impression towards this scenario is that things could have been better, this is because from the scenario Mrs. Thomas waited for a little more than 3 years before she sought attention. I think if she had sought attention the very moment, she was diagnosed she would have been able to treat it, or things would not be worse. My concern for this case is how she was coping with her diagnosis for a little more than 3 years. I believe she was probably strong, active, and fit for her to not try to sought attention for her condition immediately. It is just sad her family members and other loved one’s witness Mrs. Thomas be in her worse condition to the extent that there are chances she could die. In terms of handling all the friends and family members who want to be in the family meeting I think I would just allow the immediate family. Family members ought to share their opinions, ideas, and medical decisions when a patient is not in a good state to make decisions on their own (Rolland et al., 2017). This meeting amongst the immediate family would serve as a platform to listen to the family concern and update the family on the patient’s concern. The family can update the patient’s friends on the condition of the patients and what went on the meeting.

2. Now think about you being the patient. How would the situation be handled within your family? Have you thought about what kind of care you would want? Does someone know what you would want if you had a catastrophic event? Would family members support the decision maker’s decision for you?

My family happens to be the type whereby they take everything very serious. I believe my family would have sought attention as soon as I was diagnosed with a disease. My family would have made use of my access to health insurance to seek attention of my diagnosed disease right away. If I happen to be in a situation like Mrs. Thomas, I will want the doctors to continue care if there are chances of me surviving. However, if there are no chances of surviving, I would prefer them to leave the situation of my illness the way it is, so that precious money and time would not be wasted on my condition. My family is very open about death discussions because we all k ow death is inevitable although we all pray for long life. Therefore, I believe my family members would know what I want when I go through or experience a fatal event. Aside that now whereby I am healthy and fit my family respects my opinion and decisions I make even though they mostly do not agree with it. Therefore, I strongly believe that would be the same way they would respect the decision I want in my worst moment although it may be hard to comply, or they might not like the idea.

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Mrs. Thomas Case Study

It is saddening that Mrs. Thomas’s condition suddenly worsened. The people close to Mrs. Thomas that knew of her illness did not expect that it could be that bad at the least expected time, maybe she was doing good and seemed to be strong at home. A person cannot be sure and know how many of Mrs. Thomas’s family members and friends knew that she was ailing. I would wonder if Mrs. Thomas was under any medication or support group, or whether was she dealing with the illness alone, or she had shared her diagnosis and the progress with others. I would be concerned about Mrs. Thomas’s daily life schedule after the diagnosis. I would ask myself, whether she had prepared for a situation like this.

It is good to know the particular people a patient has been with since their diagnosis, because they are in a better position to understand what happens next, now that the patient is in a critical condition. As a nurse, in the case of Mrs. Thomas, I would insist that only the immediate family members would participate in the meeting because they are the ones who stay with Mrs. Thomas most of the time, and not all the details concern outsiders. Immediate family members play a big role in a patient’s progress because they provide the support that positively affects the patient (Mackie et al., 2018). For the friends, I will tell them to know that having second-hand information is not bad and they will surely be updated by the family concerning her progress.

With such a condition, I would be ready for anything and so will be my family. I would want them to be prepared and to know that nothing will happen that we were not expecting. In this catastrophic event, I think they would relax to make sound decisions and talk to the doctors to be advised on what they may expect. As a transparent family, my family will know that I prefer home care unless there is a need for specialized treatment. From knowing what I love, my family will agree with my decision because they would not want to do anything that is against my wish. There are instances they will make decisions for me in such a condition as long as it is for my benefit.

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