In the final part of the project, you will prepare a presentation as if you were going to present it to management of your organization.

  • Create a minimum of 8 slides.
  • Use a variety of slide layouts, pleasing to the eye, easy to read.
  • Include at least two clip art pieces or photos related to the topic of the slide.
  • Create a title slide that introduces you
  • Design one or two slides summarizing the project charter
  • Include one or two slides summarizing the project plan
  • Include one slide on the possible change requests
  • Include one slide on the team building you will be incorporating
  • The last slide summarize the lessons learned
  • Used correct spelling and grammar

Record the presentation of you talking through the slides using SCREEN-O-CAST; a free program allows you to record up to 15 minutes and create a file.

Top Tips for Effective Presentations

The Rasmussen College Library has a tutorial regarding using the SCREEN-O-CAST program – How do I make a video of a PowerPoint presentation using Screencast-O-Matic?

Top Tips for Effective Presentations

Here is the link to the software –

  • Click on Start Recording
  • Click on Launch Recorder
  • Open up presentation
  • Click on Rec button
  • When done stop recording
  • Save recording using this naming style – Jstudent_exampleproblem_101504
  • Publish recording as an mp4 file
  • Attach recording to dropbox

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