In the future, there will be countless opportunities for you to deliver a presentation based on graphical data. In this assignment, you will have the chance to develop that skill and practice it in front of your peers.

For successful completion of module one, students are required to give an individual PowerPoint presentation to their peers which focuses on a graph that relates to a company or industry of their choice under the direction of a focused assignment by the instructor. Students will outline background information on the graph, provide some analysis of the graph, and offer a suggestion as to how the company or industry should respond to the information shown on the graph. The presentation should run for 5-7 minutes. After learning key vocabulary, students will be assessed on the content and organization of the PowerPoint, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.

Presentation Prompt:

Thomas Donohue, the president of the US Chamber of commerce said, “Tariffs are beginning to take a toll on American businesses, workers, farmers, and consumers as overseas markets close to American-made products and prices increase here at home.”(Pickert, 2018)

Reade Pickert’s article (2018) in Bloomberg points out the damaging effect that new trade policies have on American companies. For this assignment, you will work to find out about an American company of your choosing and present a graphical representation of the effects of these new tariffs. watch the video link

Individual graph presentation requirements: 

Individually, you will put together a 5-7 minute slide presentation about an American company that has been affected by the new tariffs. You must include information and graphs that explain how the new tariffs have impacted the industry and suggest some strategies that the company can use to navigate the new tariffs. Be sure to use a slide show presentation with a minimum of 5 content slides, one title slide, and one reference page slide. APA Style is required.

After the presentation, you will give feedback to at least two of your classmates.

Steps to Completing the Assignment

Step one: Choose an American company that has been affected either positively or negatively by the new tariffs.

Step Two: Do research about the company and make a claim about how the tariffs are impacting them.

Step three: find or create a graph that illustrates or supports your claim.

Step four: Present to the class what you have learned in your research with a slide presentation.

Step five:  Listen to two of your classmates’ presentations and give constructive feedback

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