Information Governance Considerations within a Healthcare Setting


HI 300 – Unit 4 Assignment

Information Governance Considerations within a Healthcare Setting

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:


  •  Evaluate how the design of a database can affect data quality.
  •  Discuss the role of a data dictionary in ensuring both the quality of enterprise-wide data and data within


a specific database application.


  • Discuss how to ensure the integrity and security of data within a database.
  •  Explain the concept of data warehousing and how it is applicable to decision support.
  •  Describe the purpose of healthcare data sets and standards used in healthcare data collection.
  •  Identify different types of data sets and their purpose
  • Course outcome assessed in this Assignment:



  •  HI300-2: Classify database technologies and healthcare information systems used to manage data and




  •  PC 3.2: Interact with others in a professional manner using appropriate communication and presentation




Instruction Files

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