installing the photographs

Topic: Any topic (writer’s choice)

Type of paper: Essay (any type)

Discipline: Art : Photography

Format or citation style: APA

What critical choices did the curator make in selecting and installing the photographs? Why did s/he choose these particular photographs? What unites the photographs and how are they in dialogue with one another?
•    What is the theme of the exhibition and do the photographs on display communicate a narrative? What unites the photographs in the exhibition in terms of form or subject matter?
•    How are the photographs arranged? Are they arranged chronologically, thematically, or by artist?  How does this arrangement affect how you understand the works and what does it reveal about the curator’s intention?
•    How does the wall text contribute to your experience of the exhibition? How do the texts accompanying individual photographs, if any, and the overview wall text relate to each other?
•    How does the lighting contribute to your experience of the exhibition?
•    What is successful about the exhibition and what are its shortcomings?

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