Global Dimensions of Business Quiz

Question 1 (10 points)

This index score is derived by subtracting the percentage of workers who say their employers are ‘firing’ from the percentage of workers who say their employers are ‘hiring’.

Question 1 options:

Unemployment Index

Job Creation Index

Consumer price index

Labor Index

Question 2 (10 points)

Christie’s and Sotheby’s both have a dominant place in the auction market and have both become more aggressive about increasing the commissions that buyers must pay without any kind of agreement between them to do so. This is an example of

Question 2 options:

Tacit collusion


Exchange Rigging

Explicit collusion

Question 3 (10 points)

When a parent company gives right to another company to conduct business using their name and products in a prescribed manner under strict guidelines

Question 3 options:

Direct Investment



Free trade

Question 4 (10 points)

This international business strategy is a strategy by which companies try to achieve maximum local responsiveness by customizing both their product offering and marketing strategy to match different national conditions.

Question 4 options:

Transnational strategy

Global strategy

Multi-domestic strategy

Semi-global strategy

Question 5 (10 points)

As an example of this strategy, large fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC rely on the same brand names and the same core menu items around the world, but make some concessions to local tastes too.

Question 5 options:

Multidomestic strategy

Multinational strategy

Global strategy

Transnational strategy

Question 6 (10 points)

Assume that there are four major cable providers in the U.S. The four companies meet secretly and agree not to compete with one another for customers in certain geographic areas of the country. This is an example of:

Question 6 options:




Price fixing

Question 7 (10 points)

Investments in the United States by a foreign entity to either establish a new business in the U.S. or expand an existing foreign-owned business is known as what type of investment?

Question 7 options:

Brownfield investment

Freefield investment

Greenfield investment

Motorfield investment

Question 8 (10 points)

Rather than trying to force all of its American-made shows on viewers around the globe, MTV uses this strategy and customizes the programming that is shown on its channels within dozens of countries, including New Zealand, Portugal, Pakistan, and India.

Question 8 options:

Multidomestic strategy

Transnational strategy

Multinational strategy

Global strategy

Question 9 (10 points)

The value of direct investment made by the resident of the reporting economy to external economies.

Question 9 options:

FDI net outflow

FDI net inflow

Outward direct investment

Capital expenditure

Question 10 (10 points)

How can foreign direct investment (FDI) be best described?

Question 10 options:

When a government invests in another government

When an investor starts or acquires a business in a foreign country

When you invest in a foreign stock market or buy foreign bonds

When a country looks for foreign aid

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