Management Quiz

Question 1 (10 points)

Organizations that pursue a cost-minimization strategy are more likely to choose a(n) _____ structure.

Question 1 options:





Question 2 (10 points)

Which is the first stage in the five-stage group formation model?

Question 2 options:





Question 3 (10 points)

_____ means that organizations are becoming a more heterogeneous mix of people in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

Question 3 options:

Affirmative action

Equal employment opportunity

Workforce diversity

Collective management

Question 4 (10 points)

You are an HR manager with a large manufacturing firm. Yesterday, you heard one of your recruiters ask an applicant the following question: “What is your religion?” Would this be an employment standard to avoid? If this is an employment standard to avoid, what law or court decision is it base upon?

Question 4 options:

Yes, Civil Rights Act of 1964.

No, it is an acceptable question

Yes, Griggs v Duke Power Company

Yes, Phillips v. Martin Marietta Corporation

Question 5 (10 points)

Strategic staffing means:

Question 5 options:

Filling a job as quickly and cheaply as possible in order to add manpower to the organization

Staffing an organization in a future-oriented and goal-directed way to support the organization’s business strategy and enhance organizational effectiveness

Investing large amounts of money on staffing activities

Recruiting from as many places as possible to generate the largest possible number of applicants

Question 6 (10 points)

The systematic process of matching the internal and external supply of people with job openings anticipated in the organization over a specified period of time is referred to as ________.

Question 6 options:

HR planning

performance appraisal.


job analysis

Question 7 (10 points)

According to the hot stove rule, disciplinary action should most likely occur immediately, so that the individual _____.

Question 7 options:

Receive appropriate training opportunities

Have time to contact an HR manager

Understand the reason for it

Share the experience with co-workers

Question 8 (10 points)

What primarily determines which type of organizational structure is best for a company?

Question 8 options:

product or service

needs of the firm

corporate competition.

age of the firm

Question 9 (10 points)

A firm’s recruitment process would most likely be easier if the unemployment rate in an organization’s labor market was ________.

Question 9 options:





Question 10 (10 points)

What are the two components of human resource planning?

Question 10 options:

requirements and availability

strategy and requirements

demand and objectives

availability and objectives.

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