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A 52-year-old gentleman comes to your office with a history of intermittent difficulty swallowing solid food. His symptoms have been present for the past 5 years. He points to his supraclavicular notch when describing where the food feels stuck, although he can chew his food and transfer it into his posterior pharynx without difficulty. He does not choke or cough while eating. Drinking water will usually relieve his symptoms, although on several occasions he has self-induced vomiting. His symptoms are slightly worse now than they were several years ago, which prompted today’s visit. Feeling any better and had ongoing fever and cough

According to the above case answer the following questions :

  • What is the likely diagnosis of this case? Explain, how would you classify the disease clinically and mention all the clinical manifestation? Define the disease and what are the most common causes of this is disease likely in the patient?
  • Explain the pathophysiology of this disorder?
  • Are there any risk factors for the disease? If yes, then write down the common risk factors of the disease?
  • What lifestyle changes could make a difference for this patient?

Discuss the public health approaches in reducing and in prevention of this health problem?follow the file ..


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