interpersonal strengths

What are the general interpersonal strengths and weeknesses in the chapter one of the looking out looking in text book?

 Review chapter 1 in our text(Adler. looking out, looking in) and thoroughly answer the following questions:

  • What are your general interpersonal strengths and weaknesses?
  • What behavioral goals do you have for improving your effectiveness with other people?
  • How does interpersonal communication differ from other forms of communication (small group, one to many, etc.)?
  • What are some of the common models and understandings of communication, including some popular and mistaken models of the communication process?
  • What is special about and particular to one-to-one communication, as opposed to, for example, public speaking or even small group communication.
  • Why, even if it does not always yield us exactly what we seek, is competence in the interpersonal arena a worthwhile goal to pursue everyone?
  • Finally, incorporate ideas, theories, and/or terms from the textbook readings required for this module that relate to this discussion.

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