Introduction (

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation of a minimum of 10 slides based on your final research project submission from Unit VII. Title and references slides are not counted toward the minimum slide counts. Use two current peer-reviewed sources. Follow APA style to format your presentation. Your PowerPoint should include:

Title slide (1 slide),

Introduction (1 slide),

Aim, scope, and prospective audience (1 slide),

Dissemination plan (poster, oral presentation, etc.; 1 slide),

Discuss how to select a journal for publishing (1 slide),

Explain the review process (1-2 slides),

Considerations for oral presentations (1-2 slides),

Discuss the benefits of publishing (1-2 slides), and

References (1 slide).

For this assignment, you are able to use graphics and animations; however, be sure to maintain a professional appearance. Your presentation should adhere to APA style guidelines.

No need for footnotes on this one.


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