IT 597 Sec

1. Why do It security staff now have to be concerned about building systems such as HVAC?

2. Describe three common indicators of a cyber-attack

3. What does an intrusion detection do and how does it differ from an intrusion protection system?

4. Discuss the 4 different types of intrusion detection alarms and how they affect “alert fatigue

5. Discuss why anti-virus software should be installed and maintained as active on all user computers.

6. Preventing access to physical equipment is an important mechanism for preventing cyberattacks. Explain.

7. Why are logs so important in preventing cyber-attacks, what type of logs should be monitored?

8. Why should the hospital IT department prevent the use of dial-up or dedicated modems?

9. What is the role of a firewall in preventing cyber-attacks?

10.What is the importance of systematic patch management regimen in preventing cyber-attacks?

200 words min on each qt

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