K-12 Classroom Guidance Lesson Presentation

K-12 Classroom Guidance Lesson Presentation Instructions


For this assignment you will develop a presentation with two components, a classroom guidance lesson and a school counselor presentation. The two components will need to be submitted as one video/assignment, but students should differentiate between the two components within the presentations. For example, you may do the classroom guidance lesson first and then transition to the school counselor presentation. To meet the video requirements, students can either video themselves doing the presentation or voice record their presentation to PowerPoint. Students should use a PowerPoint as a tool during their presentation but there is no required number of slides. Make sure to cover all rubric components sufficiently. The lesson will be submitted to the grade book in Blackboard and to the designated discussion board forum for sharing.


Component 1: Classroom Guidance Lesson:

Students will create a classroom guidance lesson, with a particular population in mind. The presentation will be delivered as if you were actually delivering it to the intended population (elementary, middle, or high school students). The student must have: one clear overarching goal for this single classroom guidance lesson, two measurable objectives (one for the school counseling curriculum and one for either mathematics OR language arts) must be clearly identified, two forced-choice pre-post-test items are developed that accurately align with program objectives, and one possible source for outcome data is accurately identified.

This presentation should be recorded and submitted via Blackboard and uploaded into the assigned discussion board. The presentation will be no more than 10 – 15 minutes in length.


Component 2: School Counselor Presentation:

This portion will be presented as if describing it to other school counselors who may wish to use the lesson in their schools. This presentation must have: two school counseling standards, and one mathematic OR language arts standard fully addressed and clearly identified. Step by step lesson plans along with all materials that are used to facilitate the lesson are described. Additionally, how the program is a) developmentally appropriate, b) culturally sensitive, and c) aimed at closing the achievement gap is identified and fully described. Differentiated instruction and classroom management strategies are fully described. The presentation will be no more than 5 – 10 minutes in length.


*** Please see the rubric for specific details on what should be included in both presentations.



Presentation due in both Blackboard and the designated Discussion Board by Sunday, 11:59 pm (ET) in Module/Week 5.


Students will be required to watch and respond to two of their classmates by Friday, 11:59 pm (ET) in Module/Week 6.



The following information can be used to help upload your document to Kaltura, but is not required:


Please review the following link to learn how to upload your presentation to Kaltura. It is important that you publish your presentation as “unlisted” in order for others to view it.

Upload your recorded video to LU my media.  Here is a video that may be of help to you.  https://watch.liberty.edu/media/t/1_6a5y6704

Click on watch.liberty.edu, log in to your LU account

Click on my media

Be sure to open the video to the public so that anyone can view the video with the link (our class)

  • Click the actions button to publish – select unlisted
  • Post the video link in the discussion board




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