Module 7 Discussion

Each of you will be a manager at some point in your career. Part of being a manager is dealing with disciplining employees. Page 481 of our textbook, discusses a “last chance agreement”.
Discussion question: Do you agree with the conditions of the last chance agreement, why or why not? How many chances should an employee be given, and how would you discipline an employee?

Clearly and concisely explain your response. Your post must have at least 200 words. Include in-text citations as well as a reference page (per APA guidelines), which must include at least two references with one of them being our textbook. The initial response is due NLT 1159 on Thursday, 22 Apr 21. Reply to 2 (replies must be at least 100 words long) of your classmates NLT 1159 on Sunday, 25 Apr 21

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