Leaders and Managers

What to Study:

Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing Review

National Patient Safety Goals 2020 (*homecare, ambulatory, behavioral, hospital)



Institute of Medicines’ Five Core Competencies


(Chapter 3)

Trends in Nursing

Role stress


Medical cannabis

Mental health

Cultural competence

Workplace violence

Concepts and Theories in Nursing Review

Major Nursing Theories:

Grand Nursing Theories, Mid-range Nursing Theories, Practice Theories,

Borrowed Theories, Caring Theories

Selected theories to review:

Abdellah – Practice Model of Nursing

King – Open Systems Theory

Roy’s adaptation model

Henderson’s nursing need theory

Neuman – Systems Theory


Orem – Self-care Deficit Theory

Parse – Theory of Human Becoming

Kolcaba – Comfort Theory

Pender – Health promotion model

Peplau – Interpersonal relations

Benner – From Novice to Expert, Benner’s Stages of Clinical Competence

Leninger – Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality

Paterson & Zderad – Humanistic Nursing Theory

Watson – Theory of Human Caring

Boykin & Schoenhofer – Nursing as Caring Theory

**Be sure to understand these theories towards applications of modern practices in nursing**

Community Health Review

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Prevention

Data generation versus Data gathering

Disaster preparedness

Minnesota Intervention Wheel

Different types of disasters and infectious disease outbreaks

School health

Care of LGBTQ

Healthy People 2020


About/Mission Statement

Overarching Goals

Topics and Objectives

Review for Health Assessment

Vaccine schedule for adults

Erikson’s Ego vs Despair

Emergency plans for older adults

Different types of physical activity for adults

Different types of nursing assessments

Review for Research

Qualitative Research aspects and methods

Quantitative Research aspects and methods

Evidenced-Based Research and Practice (process, management, implementation)

Four ethical principles

The Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Eight Steps to Integrating EBP

Review for Leadership

Collective Bargaining and Shared Governance

Leaders and Managers

Emotional Intelligence Leader

Legalities of nursing (professional negligence, malpractice, misdemeanor, felony, quasi-

intentional tort, unintentional tort)

Types of powers

RNs and delegation


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