Leadership Resources Assignment Instructions



Upon successful completion of this module, you will develop effective leadership skills, including resource awareness. This module provides an overview and summary of ministry leadership resources that will allow you to be familiar with various ways of leading others through the development of professional materials.



You will begin building a portfolio that contains several artifacts related to ministry development and planning. This portfolio will allow you to develop a core of experiential learning components in this capstone course. This portfolio will include research of professional development sites and a ministry resume which includes experience qualifications. To that end, you will:

  • Research and review linked sites provided in the course for professional development.
  • Develop a cover letter and professional resume. These documents must reflect the following:
    • Cover letter: The cover letter should reflect professional standards and examples of ministry leadership experience. This document should outline the student’s leadership in or involvement with some form of ministry including qualifications, experiences, and expertise in some form of ministry.
    • Resume: The resume should reflect the scope of education, experiences, and expertise along with at least 3 qualified references. This resume should follow a standard, professional format.
  • Alternatively, you may submit a two-page summary of ministry-related experiences that you believe assists in leadership development. This document should be between 1,200 – 1,500 words and should reflect the scope of education, experiences, and expertise that you have developed.




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