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Read and watch the lecture resources & materials below early in the week to help you respond to the discussion questions and to complete your assignment(s).(Note: The citations below are provided for your research convenience. Students should always cross reference the current APA guide for correct styling of citations and references in their academic work.)ReadRitter, L.A., Graham, D.H. (2017). Multicultural Health (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.ISBN: 9781284021028Chapter 8Online Materials & Resources VisittheCINAHL Completeunder theA-to-Z Databaseson theUniversity Library’sLinks to an external site.website, locate and read the article(s) below: Hill, D.L. (2009). Relationship between sense of belonging as connectedness and suicide in American Indians. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 23(1), 65-74. Lowe, J. (2007). Research brief: The need for historically grounded HIV/AIDS prevention research among Native Americans. Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, 18(2), 15-17. Explore/View the website(s) below: Explore the Best and Promising Practices section of the Indian Health Service website: IHS. (n.d.). Best and Promising Practices | for Providers. Retrieved from https://www.ihs.gov/forproviders/bestpractices Question.Based on the readings, viewing the online materials & resources on the Module 4: Lecture Materials & Resourcespage, and your own experience, what strategies would you recommend encouraging culturally competent care of Native Americans?Submission Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 500 words,formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources. Your initial post is worth 8 points.

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