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Final Project

For your Final Project, you are asked to use theories, strategies, and concepts from the course to develop a crisis management plan for your community.

Your Final Project must be presented as a 12–15 page (not including references, title page, or abstract), double-spaced, APA-formatted project in the form of a paper that is submitted by Day 4 of Week 11. See Week 11 for specific instructions for submission.

Crisis Management Plan Guidelines

The Final Project must include the following:

  • A strategy for identifying and selecting a crisis management team
  • A description of the organizational resources available to you in a crisis (community, state, national, and international organizations). Explain what they are and how they might be used in a crisis in your community. Then explain how you might promote or expect collaboration between and among them.
  • A description of the trained professionals available in your community
  • A summary of ethical and legal issues/considerations that you might encounter when responding to a crisis in your community
  • A description of issues/considerations related to diverse populations that you might encounter when responding to a crisis in your community
  • A description of a model that you would use to train counselors for a crisis
  • A description of how you would use empirically-supported treatments with survivors and care takers
  • A description of how the crisis management plan would be evaluated (after the fact)

Note: You may wish to use the bulleted items above as the basis for topic headings throughout your paper.

Your Final Project will be graded on a 20-point scale and is worth 30% of your final grade.

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