liberal arts

Discussion 1

  • Discussion: How have the liberal arts changed?
  • Read the Overview and Introduction to the Bellevue text.
  • Read Chapter 1: Beginnings
  • Read Chapter 2: Hosack’s Vision
  • Create a post with a minimum of 250-words that discusses the important aspects of the liberal arts that have been retained over hundreds of years. The two articles you read on this topic prior to the start of the course should be referenced in your writing.

Students will have mastered the material in the module when they can:

  • Summarize the important aspects of the liberal arts that have been retained over the centuries.
  • Describe what Clayton Rose said was the important aspect of the liberal arts that still exist today.
  • Summarize the beginnings of Bellevue Hospital and the vital mission it performed.

Discussion 2

  • Read Chapter 3: The Great Epidemic
  • Read Chapter 17: AIDS
  • Read Chapter 20: Rebirth
  • Read the article: Putting Patients First

Choose one of the deadly diseases that were discussed in the book (Typhus, AIDS, and Ebola); Does the way these patients were treated exemplify a ‘patients first’ attitude? 250 words

  • Explain how a ‘patients first’ environment is exemplified.
  • Accurately describe the conditions under which healthcare workers were subjected to on a daily basis.
  • Compare and contrast the conditions from epidemic to epidemic.
  • Describe how healthcare has changed since these deadly diseases have come and gone

Discussion 3

  • Read Chapter 5: A Hospital at War
  • Read Chapter 10: Germ Theory
  • Read Chapter 11: A Tale of Two Presidents

Discussion: How have bacterial infections impacted patients and patient care at Bellevue?

  • Describe how the Civil War impacted the staff of Bellevue Hospital.
  • Describe the events that impacted the poor and less fortunate during the Civil War.
  • Discuss in detail how germ theory revolutionized medicine and what ideas of infection and disease the theory replaced.
  • Discuss in detail how two United States Presidents were impacted by germ theory.

Please reference in Apa style   this is the book needed


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