Marketing Plan: Overview Assignment Instructions



In many organizations, the assignment and completion of projects are increasingly completed in months or years. The use of technology, such as teleconferences, video-teleconferences, and computer technology has allowed organizations to reduce the costs of sending employees cross-country or even overseas. To be successful in this kind of environment, you must adapt and react to changing business dynamics in the marketplace. This assignment provides the experience to help you learn to develop a dynamic marketing plan.



You will complete a Marketing Plan that introduces a new product by an existing Fortune 500 company. If you have an idea that would be a great fit for any company (perhaps even one that you are working for), be sure to seek the Instructor’s permission before you begin work on it. Keep in mind that it is usually difficult to research smaller companies (especially privately held ones unless you work for one and have good internal sources of information). You can change the company’s name if you wish to disguise the discussion of their strengths, weaknesses, or other “possibly sensitive” information.


This plan will be developed in stages (four sections) Each section assignment builds on previous section toward the completed Marketing Plan (MP) due at the end of the course, which will include all four sections.


Sections are due by end of respective module: week as shown below:


Module 2: Week 2: Marketing Plan: Company Analysis Assignment

Module 4: Week 4: Marketing Plan: Situation Analysis Assignment

Module 6: Week 6: Marketing Plan: Marketing Strategies Analysis Assignment

Module 8: Week 8: Marketing Plan: Final Plan Assignment



Researching and Writing Your MP


College-level writing is expected for this project. Areas where the students have had problems in the past are the following: spelling and grammar, omission of required topics or subject material, omission of outside references, plagiarism, and failure to meet stated length requirements. The current edition of APA is the formatting requirement. Use the Liberty University Online Writing Center as an aid.


Note: Your assignments will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.


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